Tofu and Tempe Sellers Start Strike on Increased Soybean Price

Selasa, 10 September 2013 | 09:26

Tofu sellers stopped their activity starting from Monday (9/9) to Wednesday (9/11) following the increasing price of soybeans.

However, those sellers have to sell various other foods that do not use soybeans raw material in order to survive.

Asih (39), a tofu seller in Pasar Senen, Central Jakarta said since producers didn’t produce tofu and tempe, she temporarily sells various foods such as meatballs, sausages, and others.  She also informed her customers if tempe and tofu will not be produced for several days starting today.

"Indeed, we’ve suffered losses. Yet, we still sell other foods so there are still income for us," she said as quoted by the Jakarta government website on Monday (9/9/2013).

Central Jakarta Indonesian Tofu and Tempe Cooperative (Primkopti) Primary Secretary Slamet Riyadi said starting today all tofu and tempe sellers and producers Central Jakarta are not selling and producing tofu and tempe.

The tempe production has been stopped since Friday because the production process takes as long as four days, while the tofu production has been stopped since Sunday.

According to Slamet, the impact of increasing soybean prices until reaching IDR9,700 per kg is very adverse to producers and sellers.  The revenue also keeps decreasing, making the seller and producers keep losing their money.

Sellers usually can earn net profits from tofu and tempe up to IDR400,000 per day and producers can produce up to 80 kg of tofu and tempe per day.  “But now, it’s good enough if they can just reach return on investment,” he said. (aph)

by Rustam Agus, Aprianto Cahyo Nugroho