Agroforestry Potency Reaches 60 Million Hectares

Senin, 26 Agustus 2013 | 10:59

The potency of agro-forestry development in Indonesia is still high, particularly in industrial forest plantation (HTI) reaches 60 million hectares.Iman Santoso, Head of Forestry R&D Unit, Ministry of Forestry, said the industry must keep carrying out innovation, one of them is by implementing agro-forestry.

“Food plants are not year-round plants such as wood, so it saleable and it increases the economical value of forest for the people,” said Iman in the Ministry’s office on Friday (8/23).

He argued agro-forestry needs to be adopted widely by the people as an integrated way to exploit land in the efforts to increase soil productivity to fulfill food, housing, energy, and environmental service needs. 

The area available for exploitation for agro-forestry is still vast, namely production forest measuring 60 million hectares and half of the area is protected forest.

“Protected forest can be realized as long as the soil is not much cultivated since it can reduce the forest’s resistance,” he said.

He admitted the development of agro-forestry needs study on multiple cropping plant or cattle to be developed in agro forest area. Besides, agro-forestry development also needs guaranteed availability of market and capital support.  (msw)

by Ana Noviani, Intan Permatasari