Indonesia Lack of Shallot Seeds

Jumat, 23 Agustus 2013 | 08:41

The government is forced to import shallot since the country lacks shallot seeds.

Head of Horticulture Research and Development Center Ministry of Agriculture, Muhammad Prahma Yufdy said importing commodities, particularly shallot, is necessary to fulfill domestic needs thoroughly.

“Lack of seeds occurs when the price of shallot increases. Farmers did not only sell the commodity but also the seeds for preparation in the next planting season,” he said in National Seminar on Horticulture, Agronomy, and Plant Breeding held in Agriculture Faculty, Brawijaya University Malang, on Wednesday (8/21).

Yet, import is only temporary means. To solve the problem, currently Research and Development Center is working on leading shallot seeds namely Trisula, Pancasoma, and Sembrani.

So far, the seeds are turned into extension seed by seed center and breeders. It is expected that the extension seed can reach farmers to be planted.

“The seed is water resistant, given that so far shallot tends to be troublesome in rainy water or is not water resistant,” he said.

Trisula, Pancasoma, and Sembrani seeds are being cultivated in three locations in West Java, East Java, and North Sumatra. It is expected to cover other areas, namely Central Java, West Sumatra, and South Sulawesi. (k25/t10/tw)

by JIBI, Intan Permatasari