Performance of Small Industry Increases 15%

Kamis, 15 Agustus 2013 | 09:05

The performance of micro and small manufacture industries in the Q2/2013 increases 15.55% compared to the same period last year.The increase is quite high compared to that in the Q2.2012 which only reached 2.11% compared to the previous year’s.

The growth in this year’s Q2 is supported by food industry (30.66%); computer, electronics, and optics industry (24.87%), and beverage industry (24.16%). The only decreasing industry is carrier vehicle industry (1.13%).

Compared to the growth of production in Q1/2013, in this quarter it increases 6.52%. Types of industry growing in this quarter are tobacco processing industry (12.12%), food industry (12.09%), and textile industry (8.83%).

Meanwhile those undergoing decline are basic metal industry (8.44%), electronic device industry (5.04%), and reparation & mechanical installment (4.28%).

Directorate General of Agro Industry, Ministry of Industry, Panggah Susanto, said food and beverage industry indeed becomes leading industry particularly at the level of micro and small industry.

Besides contributing high gross domestic product, food and beverage are human’s basic needs.

“Hence it is common if food and beverage industry become leading ones,” said Panggah on Sunday (8/4).

Minister of Industry, MS Hidayat, said there are four leading industries to maintain the growth of national economy to be at the minimum growth of 6%. They are steel industry, F&B industry, petrochemical industry, and electronics industry.

He argued to increase the growths of these industries, the government will issue some policies containing incentives such as loosening tax holiday to be more flexible for investors wanting to invest in those sectors. (t10/tw)

by Riendy Astria, Intan Permatasari