South Korea Allocates US$90 Million to Upgrade Coal

Kamis, 27 Juni 2013 | 10:19

A South Korea consortium prepares US$90 million to build plant that is used to improve low rank coal quality using palm oil residue mixing technology.Korea Institute of Energy Research (KIER) President Jooho Whang said the institute will represent a consortium of South Korea companies to develop coal upgraded by palm oil (CUPO) in Indonesia. It will implement such technology together with PT Sucofindo by establishing plant in South Sumatra.

“We see Indonesia as a promising country because it produces coal in large number and approximately 40% of production is low rank coal. Moreover, Indonesia is the largest coal exporter for South Korea,” he said in Jakarta, Tuesday (6/25).

He said Indonesia is the first country that will implement CUPO technology because the previous technology that uses asphalt failed to be implemented. Later, the coal will be used to generate power in South Korea. (msw)

by Lili Sunardi, Arsyad Paripurn