Govt guarantees gas supply for Petrogas and Pupuk Kujang

Kamis, 13 Juni 2013 | 10:09

PT Petrokimia resik (Petrogas) will use gas supply from fields under management of Husky-CNOOC Madura Ltd to fulfill the demands on new ammonia and urea plants. While gas supply from Cepu block in Central Java will be used for PT Kujang. Coordinating Minister of Economy, Hatta Rajasa said the new arragement was part of government's revitalization efforts. "Thus, we provide gas for fertilizer revitalization," Rajasa said on Tuesday.

The gas volume for Petrogas and Pupuk Kujang is between 75 to 85 million cubic feet per day. The additional supply of gas for fertilizer plants aims to foster food security in the country. It is also associated with government's plan to ensure production of fertilizer for the next 30 years.