Ministry of Industry propose for VAT holiday for ship component

Selasa, 04 Juni 2013 | 09:31

Ministry of Industry proposed for value added tax (PPN) holiday for ship components shipment to strengthen the national shipbuilding industryCurrently average national ship production reached 900,000 ton per year or around 6,000-7,000 units, explained Directorate General of High Technology-Based Industries Featured (IUBTT), Ministry of Industry Budi Darmadi.

Unfortunately, the positive performance is constrained by component supply shortages.
“Thus we are proposing for VAT holiday for ship components transportation services component,” he said after accepting the Jakarta Japan Club delegations, Tuesday (01/21).

The proposed incentive, he believed, is to complement government-borne import duty (BMDTP) facility which has been provided for the importation of vessel industrial raw materials.

Besides supplies issues, he also stressed the important to construct one integrated area of components industry networks.

Currently, he continued, there are about 200 middle class shipbuilding players in Indonesia, 70 of which are located in Batam, Riau Islands.

“Indonesia shipbuilding industry is expected to able to build ships with 50,000 deadweighth tonnage (DWT) to 60,000 DWT as per 2017.” (T05/TW)

by Agust Supriadi, Reviana Rahmania Surya