Bandung to build creative economic center

Senin, 03 Juni 2013 | 11:47

The Bandung city administration in West Java is planning to build a creative economic center in Ujung Berung sub-district as part of efforts to create new jobs and improve the added value of the city`s creative products."The creative economic center will be a people-based, integrated economic area designed to curb moneylenders," Bandung Vice Mayor Ayi Vivananda said here on Sunday.

He said that the city government expects the establishment of the center will help create new jobs for creative business players in the West Java provincial capital city.

The creative economic center will be directed toward creating a community capable of increasing the added value and competitive edge of the city`s creative products, he said.

"Bandung is a creative city. Some creative economic players have existed since a long time ago and have been able to create market, while others still need to be facilitated," he said.

Infrastructure facilities will be developed in Ujung Berung to support creative economic activities, he said.

The city government is now focusing on the development of the economic area in the eastern part of the city after the western part which is densely populated is close to it, he said.

Besides, the Bandung government also has committed itself to rearrange street vendors by implementing a traditional market utilization program in Gedebage Sub-district, he said.

"Through the approach we will control street vendors through rearrangement rather than demolition. They are encouraged to occupy several kiosks centered in Gedebage," he said.

The vice mayor said the local administration does not make any profit in the revitalization of the traditional market funded by the city budget and the facility is free for the street vendors.

"The rearrangement of the trade area is one of the Bandung administration`s focuses in the future," he said.