Indonesia`s capital market strong: Securities company director

Rabu, 29 Mei 2013 | 09:30

Indonesia`s capital market is still strong enough to hold back negative external sentiments and therefore foreign investment continued to flow into the country, President Director of Kresns Securities Michael Steven said."To invest in the Indonesian capital market is quite easy as the market is very strong to hold back negative sentiment. The condition is an opportunity for the Indonesian people. If it is not taken, foreign investors would take it," he said at a press conference on "Online Trading Academy" here on Tuesday.

According to data of the Indonesia Stock Exchange, foreign investors` net buying this year totals Rp22.23 trillion compared to Rp15.88 trillion in 2012.

He said market condition in Indonesia right now is the same as that in the US several years ago. Right now the US market has become a global share marker reference.

"The Indonesia market now is like that of the US, marked by strong investment inflows," he said.

"Learning correct techniques of share trading could change one`s future," he said.

OTA instructor Jeff Manson meanwhile said investing in shares in the Indonesia capital market has the potential to profit quite big in line with the wide opportunity for the industry to develop.

"When I arrive in the US later I will tell my colleagues about it and encourage them to invest in Indonesia," he said.

He said by investing in the market share the Indonesian people could also help listed companies to progress and maintain the country`s economic growth.(*)