West Java Targets 1.1 Million Tons of Corn

Selasa, 28 Mei 2013 | 15:56

West Java Provincial Government targets corn production this year to reach 1.1 million tons, up 12% from 980,000 tons last year.Head of the Department of Agriculture and Food Cereals (Disperta) Poppy Farida optimistic that the target is reached as maize productivity period from January to April is the peak harvest.

"It is expected that the achievement of the target can be fulfilled by the end of the year," he told Bisnis, Sunday (5/26).

He said at this time Garut contributes to the largest corn production is about 40%-44% of the total area of 160,000 hectares in West Java.

According to him, the increase in the amount of maize production in West Java is also supported by high demand, especially the demand for animal feed production.

"For our own marketing no problem because many shoppers pick corn directly to the farmers," he explained. (k29/k32/tw)

source http://en.bisnis.com