Indonesia`s crude oil production up slightly

Jumat, 10 Mei 2013 | 10:10

The Upstream Oil and Gas Regulating Unit SKK Migas) said the country recorded a slight increase in its oil production in the past three months."It was not significant but it was in line with the SKK Migas` commitment since it was established," chief of the agency Rudi Rubiandini told ANTARA News via telephone on Wednesday.

The country`s oil production in the past three month peaked at 840,000 barrels per day up from a daily peak of 827,000 barrels earlier, Rudi said.

He said he has reported the oil production increase to the president.

He said the target in state income from the oil sector is expected to be reached with the increase in production.

Earlier it was reported that the oil production of PT. Chevron Pasific Indonesia (CPI) dropped sharply in its Bangko oil field in the regency of Rokan Hilir, Riau.

The report said oil production from the Bangko field shrank on May 4 until May 6.

Elan Bintor, the spokesman of the country`s largest oil producer, however, denied any decline in production.

"There was a decline in supply from the oil field because of a delay in pumping the oil to the main storage tank, but production from each well has so far been normal," Elan said .

The production has for the time being been piled up in the tanks in the field.(*)