Requirement of Rice in Central Java Secure Guaranteed

Senin, 06 Mei 2013 | 08:32

The need of rice in Central Java is guaranteed secure up to nine months ahead, because Bulog stocks held in this province is still insufficient to reach as much as 329 203 tonnes.

Bulog Head of Central Java Division, Witono said people do not need to worry about rice stocks in the face of Ramadan until the Eid holiday. Stock of rice in Bulog warehouses, Central Java,  reasonably available and still in a safe condition.

"We guarantee the price of rice stable and safe. If a surge in market prices, Bulog will soon roll out market operations until the rice price in the market is stable again," he said during a visit to Bisnis Indonesiia Representatives in Semarang on Thursday. (5/2).

He added the entire 157 Bulog warehouses in 43 locations across Central Java has filled rice and grain crops of local farmers and there is no entry of imported rice in the province, although the government to import rice. (rsj/tw)