Govt Not Limit Imports of 11 Commodities

Selasa, 30 April 2013 | 09:50

The government removed 11 commodities from the list of horticultural products subject to import limitation, enabling those products to be imported in any amountThe eleven horticultural products exempted from the limitation of quota are garlic, garlic powder, cabbage, dried chili, orchid, chrysanthemum, and heliconia.

With the removal of 11 tariff post (harmonized system/HS), the number of products subject to import regulation is now only 46 HS.

Director of Imports at the Ministry of Trade Didi Sumedi said the horticultural imports arrangement will be more open since several commodities can’t be fulfilled from domestic supplies.  (t06/t03/t08/msw)

by Arsyad Paripurna, Hahttp: Alaydrus, Sri Mas Sari, Elok Ani Riani