Logs export opportunities open

Jumat, 26 April 2013 | 10:53

The Ministry of Forestry approved the opening tap export of logs from industrial timber woods for species do not become the raw material for furniture products.Secretary General of the Ministry of Forestry Daryanto revealed in principle ministry open opportunities logs exports for the wood products used for the manufacture of pulp and paper. But it is still in talks with the Ministry of Industry.

"The Ministry of Trade has actually been agreed, when the Ministry of Industry, we are still in talks. They are worried about the shortage of raw material for furniture industry," he said (4/22 ).

Moreover, he continued, desire the Ministry of Industry to conduct domestic wood processing related to the creation of value added and employment in the country.


In addition to the provision of value added in the country is also related to the transfer of knowledge. So log exports without value added is called primitive.

However, said Hadi, to woods that do not require an additional process should be allowed to be exported. For example, for the type of acacia wood used for the manufacture of pulp and eucalyptus. (tw)

by Rika Novayanti
source http://en.bisnis.com