Pest damages 178 hectares of paddy field in C. Java

Selasa, 09 April 2013 | 09:57

Rats have caused damages on 178 hectares of paddy fields in 19 sub-districts in Boyolali, Central Java, sparking concern among local farmers about the possibility of harvest failure this season, official said."The situation happened due to a decreasing number of natural predators for the pest and inconsistency in eradicating the rats which are usually conducted by local farmers," spokesman to local Agriculture and Forestry Office Iskak Harjono said here on Monday.

On the inconsistency issue he explained farmers in the 19 sub-districts usually don`t conduct pest eradication at the same time. Hence the pest can move from one area to another.

He also highlighted excessive hunt for natural predators of rats (such as owl and snake) as another factor that has contributed to the damage of paddy fields in Boyolali.