Bulog to import sticky rice

Senin, 08 April 2013 | 09:50

The State Logistics Agency (Bulog) requested permission from the goverment to import sticky rice. Bulog Director Sutarto Alimoeso said imported the commodity needed to maintain the price stability ahead of Eid al-Fitr.

"In a moment like Eid, we propose to the government to import sticky. Because prices usually soar ahead of Eid," he said on Friday (4/5).

Accoding to him, sticky rice import plan is part of Bulog involvement in trading of essential commodities. The move should be done gradually.

Essential commodities, he added, is a commodity that has no substitute goods. The government has agreed to keep the price fluctuations of these items.

"Bulog gradually should be given the authority or duty to engage in trade important commodities and it is also part of commercial operations Bulog. Fluctuations in prices of essential commodities could increase poverty and the influence of inflation," he added. (tw)

by M. Kholikul Alim
source http://en.bisnis.com/