facilitate central government in supervising mining license mechanism.

Jumat, 05 April 2013 | 09:18

“Mathematically, a total province in Indonesia is less than district and city. At least, it will allow supervision of license issuance so it’s no longer a problem,” he said, Thursday (4/4).Previously, the Government planned to transfer the authority of mining, forestry and oil palm plantation license issuance from local to provincial government. While, the business establishment license still submitted to the local government.

Minister of Home Affairs, Gamawan Fauzi said the authority transfer aims to facilitate central government to control over potential authority abuse of license issuance by local government. The local government also is encouraged to more concentrate on public service activities.

Tony explained the mining license issued by central government based on mandate in Constitution Article 33 regarding natural resources controlled by the State. “During this time oil, gas and forestry are controlled by central government, and it does not conflict with regional autonomy. Thus, the mining should be controlled by central government as stated on Article 33 Constitution,” he said.

According to him, the authority transfer should be accompanied by clear regulation regarding mining license issuance mechanisms Moreover, the Government will implement tender mechanism over mining areas that have been determined.

In addition, Tony said the Government needs to harmonize with current Law. Because the Law No.4/2009 mandates mining license is issued by local government.

While, Executive Director of Indonesia Coal Mining Association (APBI) Supriatna Sahal believes mining license process will be better if it’s issued by Provincial Government. The Provincial Government is expected to be more stringent in applying licensing standards.

“During this time, the problem is less standardized licensing system applied by local government. In fact, it’s important to support data of mineral and coal reserves owned by the Government,” he explained.

Supriatna exemplifies that mapping system is still not well standardized both among regions and central government. It is resulted the backup data used as one of requirements to submit mining license are not received well by the Government. (35/t08/aph/tw)

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