Indonesian export declines in February

Selasa, 02 April 2013 | 10:16

Statistics Indonesia records that the total export in February 2013 declines 2.51 percent worth 14.99 billion USD from the previous month. The Head of Statistics Indonesia, Suryamin, announced on Monday that the volume of non-oil and gas export was 12.45 billion USD, declining 2.14 percent, while the export of oil and gas worth 2.54 billion USD or decreasing 4.29 percent.He mentioned that the oil export decreased 15.36 percent worth 324.1 million USD and gas export declined 12.32 percent or 1.40 billion USD. Meanwhile, vegetable oil contributes to the biggest declining export of non-oil and gas. It decreases by 14.3 percent worth 1.65 billion USD.

The export of vehicles and its spare parts also falls 3.07 percent worth 368.7 million USD while to clothes, which decline 2.74 percent with the value of 318.6 million USD, and footwear falls 2.47 percent or 277.4 million USD.

"The biggest fall is mineral fuel, which is 16.65 percent," he said.

He added that in February, non-oil and gas products were mostly exported to China (1.8 billion USD), Japan (1.37 billion USD) and followed by US with 1.16 billion USD.