Batik sales increase on Easter Day

Senin, 01 April 2013 | 08:58

Batik traders in Trusmi Market, Plered District, Cirebon, West Java, said sales turnover of Sarimbit (married couple) batik increased on Easter Day compared with normal days."The Sarimbit batik is a combination of distinctive motifs of Cirebon, soft batik fabric and the model and is aligned with fashion today," a batik trader in Trusmi Market, Wuri, said here on Sunday.

Wuri sold 200 pieces of batik dresses on Easter Day, while on normal days, she usually sold 70 pieces.

She said Sarimbit batik attracted consumers from Jakarta, Bandung, Sumedang, Tangerang, Cirebon and Indramayu, so the sales were quite exciting.

She added, demand for various types of batik provided opportunities for batik artists and entrepreneurs in Cirebon to improve their products.

Other batik trader Muryanto said sales of Sarimbit batik with simple fashion increased.

He added that consumers usually wear couple batik dresses to attend wedding parties, recitals and family gatherings.

Meanwhile, a young entrepreneur from Cirebon, Ibnu Riyanto, said that selling traditional dresses with batik motifs become more and more exciting on long holidays because the number of visitors was on the rise.

He added, traditional Pantura Plered batik type now becomes an attraction for tourists to visit Cirebon.