North Sumatra to import 20 containers of chillies

Kamis, 28 Maret 2013 | 09:43

National Association of Importers of Indonesia (Ginsi) North Sumatera plans to import 15 to 20 containers of chillies from India considering the price of the commodity continued to rise. Chairman of the North Sumatra Ginsi Mahalli Khairul said chili imported through the Belawan Port had to get permission from the central government.

"At least 15 to 20 tones chili containers coming into the Port of Belawan are imported from India each week. Each container will contain 80 tons of dried and fresh chillies," he told Bisnis, Tuesday (3/26).

According to him, the current supply of chillies in Sumatra continued to decline so the price is pegged traders are increasingly rising up to IDR40,000 per kg. That is the reason for importer in North Sumatra to import chillies this year. (tw)

by Dewi Andriani