Geothermal Energy To Be Priority For Power Plant

Rabu, 27 Februari 2013 | 08:57

The Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources still will prioritize the development of geothermal energy for power plant as early stages of new and renewable energy usage in Indonesia.General Director of New Energy and Renewable Energy and Energy Conservation Rida Mulyana said a geothermal well can be used for large capacity power plant. Therefore, the Ministry will prioritize the utilization of new energy is widely available in mountains area.

“For the beginning, we will prioritize the geothermal development. A geothermal wells can be used for power plant with hundreds megawatt capacity,” he said in Jakarta, Tuesday.

Rida said related to those things, MEMR is finalizing regulation concerning the geothermal usage and electricity feed in tariff from geothermal power plant. Since last year electricity feed in tariff from geothermal power plant set at US$0.1 – US$0.18 per kilowatt hour (KWH).

The imposition of electricity feed in tariff is adjusted to locations, such as in Sumatra set at US$0.1 per kwh in the high voltage and US$0,11 per Kwh at medium voltage. In Java, Madura and Bali set at US$0,11 per Kwh for high voltage and US$0,12 per Kwh for medium voltage.

In South Sulawesi set at US$0,12 per KWh for high voltage and US$0,13 per KWh for medium voltage. Then in North Sulawesi set at US$0.13 per KWh for high voltage and US$0.14 medium voltage. While West Nusa Tengara and East Nusa Tenggara set at US$0.15 per KWh for high voltage and US$0.16 per KWh for medium voltage.

Rida also confirmed that geothermal usage will not damage environment and conservation forest area. Because the geothermal utilization is only done by drilling in the geothermal reserves area for immediately use.

As is known, the geothermal utilization is categorized as mining activity, so it requiring the same license as mineral mining activity.

Therefore, the MEMR is working to fix it by removing geothermal utilization activity from mining sector.

In addition to fix the regulations, the MEMR is also working to harmonize forest conservation Law in Forestry Ministry. This is done to accommodate the utilization of geothermal location and renewable energy, mostly in the conservation area.

PT Perusahaan Listrik Negara (PLN) President Director Nur Pamudji previously said inclusion of geothermal utilization as mining activity can hinder its utilization. Because the majority of geothermal energy in this country are located in forest area.

Until now, the geothermal and hydropower utilization only 12% of the entire power plant, and in 2020 it’s expected that geothermal and hydropower can take a portion of 17%. Geothermal energy itself is very promising to be used as alternative energy in the country, because Indonesia has geothermal resources as much as 29 gigawatt (GW). (aph)

by Lili Sunardi, Elok Ani Riani