Govt to introduce auction system for beef imports

Selasa, 26 Februari 2013 | 09:08

The government plans to introduce an auction system for importation of beef to assure transparency and the best price for consumers."If we wish to import beef its process must be transparent and I have proposed an auction system for it and the proposal has been agreed by the coordinating minister for economic affairs and the minister of agriculture," Trade Minister Gita Wirjawan said to ANTARA here on Monday.

He said if the auction process is carried out well it will produce a good process which is accountable and the best price for consumers.

"We have been assigned to finalize the framework and formula in one or two weeks` time," he said.

With regard to the current trade system, he said he would continue to maintain it but wished its process could be accelerated.

"I do not like complicated process very much. The concept used should be an integrated one-stop service," he said.

He said if a company wished to ask for an import permit there would be a desk at the ministry of agriculture that would give the technical facilities and other criteria that had been agreed upon.

"The criteria include adequate facilities, infrastructure and also capability to absorb domestic cattle production for the sake of increasing national production," he said.

The minister said beef importation must not be perceived as a one man show but as an instrument for supporting national production.

He said beef imports must be done to increase domestic supply and not to undermine cattle farmers.

"I have said we must never become anti-import for whatever reasons. We must do what we need to do to increase domestic supply and imports could also be done for seeds, cattle and the policy is aimed at increasing domestic production," he said.(*)