Forestry Ministry is Asked to Examine Reclamation

Rabu, 06 Februari 2013 | 09:37

The Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (MEMR) asked Forestry Ministry to examine the reclamation significance in mining sector before raising rate of lends and uses forest areas for mining.The Director General of Mineral and Coal Thamrin Sihite said there have been differences in reclamation understanding between Ministry of Forestry (MOF) and mining sector. MOF considers the reclamation as reforestation of revegetation in the exploration areas.

 “The mining sector interprets reclamation in broadly way, the recovery of areas that had explored to make it more useful. Such as former sand mining can be reclaimed as pond or reservoir,” he said, Jakarta, Tuesday (2/5).

Thamrin explained the Directorate will invite MOF to discuss increasing lend rate plan for mining sector around 33%. Moreover, mining companies are also required to rehabilitate the watershed (DAS) which is affected by its activities.

According to him, the increasing lend rate will automatically increase operating cost that should be paid by mining businesses.  Though, the Government is seeking to improve the mining sector as the downstream application.

 “They want to remain profit, if not profit, there is no reception, at least both parties should be get an advantage,” said Thamrin.

While the Association of Indonesian Mining Professionals (Perhapi) asked the Government to unify rules on mining so that the businesses will not be burdened by the rules associated with increasing state revenue.

Perhapi Chairman Achmad Ardianto said the difference in mining permit impacted all parties issued regulations that are aimed to increase non-tax state revenue (PNBP). In fact, during this time, mining businesses has spent much money to do their business.

 “The emergence of rising lend rate plan for mining sector is implication of the absence in mining definite policy. Because all parties are trying to drive the rules by reason increasing PNBP,” he said.

Achmad said mining policy should be consistent and consider the mining industry climate in Indonesia. Therefore, mining businesses obtain legal certainty when starting their businesses.

However, Perhapi did not resist Government’s effort to increase the lend rate for mining. “lets discuss it and recalculate, if the plan to increase lend rate around 30%-40% is really aggravating businesses,” he said.  (35/t08/aph/tw)

by Lili Sunardi, Elok Ani Rian