Industry Ministry Projects 25 Percent Rattan Export Increase

Jumat, 01 Februari 2013 | 15:17

The Indonesian Ministry of Industry projected that Indonesia\'s rattan exports will reach US$ 250 million to US$ 300 million in 2013, up 25 percent from last year\'s US$ 200 million. \"The largest export value is contributed by rattan furniture products, which garnered US$ 118.53 million, and rattan wicker with US$ 39.25 million,\" The Ministry\'s Director General of Industrial Zoning Development, Dedi Mulyadi, said on Monday, January 28.The increase is partly due to a production decline of rattan furniture in China as well as the country's lack of raw rattan. "Some of our competitors are also unable to meet orders, asking Indonesian manufacturers to produce for them," Dedi said. Countries of export destinations include Germany, Israel, Malaysia, Russia, Turkey, the United States, Britain, the Netherlands, and Finland.

Sunoto, Chairman of Indonesian Rattan Furniture and Crafts Association (AMKRI), said the positive trend is also driven by the ban on raw rattan that took effect last year. "Since the policy is applied, rattan furniture exports increased by about 16-17 percent," he told Tempo.

Therefore, Sunoto argued, Indonesia should focus on preparing the domestic rattan industry in order to increase the number of overseas supplies. One of the products that are in high demand by the global market is rattan boards. Orders have come from Malaysia, Russia, Turkey, the United States, Britain, and the Netherlands, with prices reaching "up to Rp 20 million per cubic meter."

Sunoto also hoped that the government would find solutions to the problems hampering Indonesia's rattan industry development, including smuggling.