Business sectors lose trillion IDR due to floods

Rabu, 23 Januari 2013 | 10:13

Indonesian Employers\' Association (Apindo) says that business sectors lose at least a trillion IDR due to floods last week. Most of the losses are caused by supplies disruption of basic material. "The minimum loss is a trillion IDR in every kind of industry, particularly upstream industry as downstream industry was lacking of basic materials," Chairman of Apindo, Sofjan Wanandi, said on Tuesday.

He said the report of losses did not include losses from other sectors like insurance. Yet, he added that retail industries suffered the most.

Floods also disrupted business activity in Jakarta Industrial Estate Pulogadung (JIEP). About 375 factories in JIEP were temporary shut down as their employees were still absent.

Supplies delivery from upstream industry started since Monday, at higher costs. "Everything is much more expensive," he said.