Aquafarm Nusantara to build two new plants

Selasa, 22 Januari 2013 | 09:03

Fish processing company PT Aquafarm Nusantara is preparing US$6 million investment for constructing and developing two new plants in Indonesia.The first plant will be constructed in Semarang in Central Java to replace the previous plant using US$4 million investment, while the second plant will be located in Serdang Berdagai North Sumatra with investment of US$2 million.

PT Aquafarm Nusantara President Director Freek Huskens said the Company will use their internal fund for the investment. “We will expand our plants this year. We plan to upgrade our plant in North Sumatra and build new plant for fish processing in Central Java. For that, we prepare US$6 million,” he said, Monday (1/21/2013).

According to him, the Company’s fish production is mostly located in North Sumatra with the capacity of 25,000 ton per year, while the plant capacity in Semarang is only 10,000 tons.

Up to now, Aquafarm has invested US$30 million for working capital and corporate expansion.

“We have two plants, first constructed in Semarang, but now the largest capacity is in North Sumatra,” he added. (t06/tw)

by Dewi Andriani, Tomi Razali