Ministry of Industry to arrange 64 SNI drafts

Kamis, 27 Desember 2012 | 09:04

Ministry of Industry will arrange 64 drafts of Indonesia National Standard (SNI) in 2013 in order to protect consumers and national producers from unfair competition.The 2013 obligatory SNI implementation targets to electronic industry, steel, food & beverage, automotive components, upstream and basic chemical.

“For the first, we will discuss it together with industries and relevant institutions, and then we will send a notification to WTO. It may take 6 month–1 year,” The Head of Central Standardization Agency Tony Sinambela told Bisnis, Wednesday (12/26).

The SNI must be implemented to specific industry group if there is low-end quality product import jumping. (t09/tw)

by Agust Supriadi