The Non-Tax Income of Mine Sector Not Reach the Target

Kamis, 20 Desember 2012 | 09:39

The Government disclosed the non-tax state revenue from the mining sector this year is slightly below the target set by the Government.The Mineral and Coal Director General Ministry with the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM) Sihite Thamrin said, Tuesday, 18/12 that the cumulative target of non-tax revenues and tax IDR80 trillion amounted to IDR90 trillion. For PNBP alone, the target was set on around IDR28 trillion to IDR29 trillion, however, the earnings stood at around IDR27 trillion-IDR28 trillion, or 10% lower from target.

In 2013, the Government targets the non-tax revenues from mining sector is posted at IDR31 trillion, while the total revenues from the tax and non-tax is IDR110 trillion. "The target is higher since we understand there are more Clean and Clear Certificates (C&C) have been issued, despite the stagnation in production price in international market."

Unlike the coal demand slowdown, mineral depletion is occurred by designed to control the export imposing some 20% export levy of 20%. In short term the fiscal is impacted, but in the long-term the domestic demands could be overcame. "The slowdown isn’t due to the miner doesn’t hold the C&C yet, " he added.

The 20% levy regulation will benefit the Country in the long run, since the C&C license can only be issued the tax has been paid. With this policy, the Government can offset revenue, so the decline will not be too much, DG Sihite said"

The ESDM Ministry has begun the process on export licenses for miners with complete requirements. The Government requires them to have export approval letter (SPE) issued by the Ministry of Trade and listed as registered exporters (ET).

If the miners still want to export raw minerals, they are imposed by 20% duty as stated in the Finance Ministry Regulation (PMK) No.75/PMK.011/2012 regarding The Worn Establishment of Export Duty and Export Duty Rates.

Regulation on export license is valid for some 65 types of raw mining products, categorized in three division namely 21 metallic minerals such as iron ore, manganese, copper, nickel, cobalt, aluminum, lead, zinc, chromium, molybdenum, ilmenite, titanium, zirconium, silver, gold, platinum, and antimony.

In addition, 10 types of non-metal minerals include quartz, kaolin, limestone, feldspar, zirconium silicate, zeloit, and diamonds, and the rest of 34 are of rocks such as marble, onnyx, granite, topaz, jade, toseki, and peridotite. (35/dpr/msw)

by Lili Sunardi