Government Proposes 20% Export Duty Revision

Senin, 17 Desember 2012 | 13:32

The Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources proposed the revision on the Ministry of Finance Regulation on the 20% export duty imposed on raw material export.If the mining companies still want to export raw minerals, they have to pay 20% tax according to the Regulation No.75/PMK.011/2012 on the Exported Goods Subject to Export Duty and its Rates.

According to the Director General of Mineral and Coal Thamrin Sihite, the 20% export duty is imposed on the mineral ores which can be processed in the country, but are exported in raw instead.

The Ministry expected the processed-able minerals are not subject to export duty. "For example, the granite, it can’t be processed after being polished so it’s should not subject to export duty. If the product is in form of raw materials and exported, then it is subject to 20% export duty %," he said on Friday (12/14).

Sihite said the adjustments have been done at the Ministry of Trade related to provisions of such regulation. However, The Ministry of Finance has not revised the regulation. Sihite expected a revision can be done this year.

On the other hand, SIhite said mineral ore processing restrictions, such as Zirconium, also need to be cleared. Therefore, the Minister Regulation No. 7/2012 will be also revised.

Thamrin claimed to have met with Indonesia Zirconium Mining Association (APZI) which previously asked the government to revise the regulation.  (Lili Sunardi) (T07/msw)
by Lili Sunardi, Vega Auli