Ancient fish species discovered in Biak

Rabu, 12 Desember 2012 | 09:10

Biak Regent Yusuf Melianus Maryen has stated that a Japanese researcher recently reported sightings of Kolakan, a prehistoric fish species, in the waters off Oparief village, Biak Numfor district, Papua province."This large-sized ancient fish, which has existed since prehistoric times but was thought to have disappeared hundreds of years ago, can still be found in Oparief waters," he said here on Tuesday.

Yusuf expressed hope that the habitat of Kolakan fish would be preserved so it could attract foreign tourists.

He praised the Japanese researcher for identifying the area as a potential habitat of the Kolakan fish.

"Ancient fish habitat can be an excellent attraction for foreign tourists and it can support the marine tourism sector in Biak, which offers diving, fishing and snorkelling opportunities," Yusuf said.

He noted that regional revenue from tourism was limited due to a lack of investors in the sector.

"However, the local administration has put in place the necessary regulations to preserve the natural resources around Biak Island, in an effort to boost the local economy," Yusuf explained.

According to official data, some 15,000 tourists "both local and international" visit Biak Numfor annually.