Rattan-Finished Product Export Increases 25%

Selasa, 27 November 2012 | 09:52

Rattan-finished product export is predicted to reach US$231.27 million or IDR2.22 trillion by the end of this year or increased by 15% compared to previous year worth US$201.1 million.Rattan-finished export growth is expected to reach 20% due to increase demand from international market which was dominated by China and Vietnam.

Association of Indonesia Rattan Product and Furniture Chairman (AMKRI) Soenoto said ban policy for semi-finished rattan export made China and Vietnam was difficult to attain raw material.

As the result, they are only able to fulfill most of from Europe countries, United States and Japan have been the main market rattan product. Shortage supply from China and Vietnam were then filled by Indonesia which has sufficient raw materials.

During January-September 2012, rattan product export reached US$157.78 million or grew by 44.81% compared to last year.

Soenoto believe the condition will make export demand in last three months increased even compared to previous years, rattan-finished product shipping declined since in second half. (t08/tw)

by Sri Mas Sari
source http://en.bisnis.com