Govt: No subsidized fuel on December 2

Selasa, 27 November 2012 | 09:50

Indonesian state-owned oil & gas company, Pertamina, supports government regulation implementing a day without subsidized fuel. December 2 will the first day of such program. Pertamina calculates that the step will save up to 120 kilo liters fuel or around 600 billion IDR per day.

"Pertamina is ready to implement the program conducted every Sunday started from December 2," Pertamina spokesman Ali Mundakir said on Saturday.

During the program, gas station will be operated serving only non-subsidized fuel, pertamax and pertamax plus. Pertamina said that the stock of related fuel will be increased.

The program is expected to be implemented in Java, Bali, Medan, Batam, Balikpapan, and Makassar started from December 2, from 06.00-18.00. This program is aimed to maintain the quota of subsidized fuel in 2012, which is at 44.04 million kilo liters.

by Wihdan Hidayat