Pupuk Indonesia to construct four urea plants

Senin, 29 Oktober 2012 | 08:35

SOE engaged in fertilizer manufacturer, is planning to construct four urea plants in the next two years worth IDR24 trillion to revitalize old and inefficient ones.Revitalizing is based on president instruction for the sake of national food security, said President Director Arifin Tasrif.

“We invest around IDR6 trillion per plant,” he said on Wednesday (10/21).

The new plant is claimed to be more efficient by around US$60 per ton of urea production compared to the old mill. Plus, with bigger production capacity, it is expected to meet local fertilizer demands in the next few years.

Pupuk Kaltim-5, one of the four plants, is already under construction process, inaugurated by President Yudhoyono in September 2011.

The plant construction is expected to finish in June 2014 with 3,500 ton urea production and 2,500 ton ammoniac per day.

Sriwidjaja 2B plant construction contract will be signed later this year. Two other factories will be built on the island of Java, namely Petro 2 and Kujang1C.

In addition to urea plants, Pupuk Indonesia will also construct compound fertilizer plant (NPK). However, Arifin has not stated the details of the agenda. (t05/msw)

by Siti Munawaroh, Rachmat Subianto, Reviana Rahmania Surya
source http://en.bisnis.com