Under specific circumstances, food importation is allowed

Rabu, 17 Oktober 2012 | 10:06

Food importation will still be allowed to meet the shortage of food supply in the country. However the government will arrange the importation in order not to harm farmers, fishermen and small-scale and micro food-related businesses.The food bill has been agreed by government and House, said Minister of Agriculture Suswono. The bill will be ratified in the House of Representatives plenary session on October 18.
“It is quite comprehensive. I believe it will advantage Indonesia,” he said after working meeting with House’s Commission IV, Tuesday (10/16/2012).

Food Importation is allowed only if food needs cannot be met by domestic, he added.
The future law, he added, is in contrast with Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) recommendation that suggested Indonesia to not to focus on food self-sufficiency. (T05/TW)
by Sepudin Zuhri, Reviana Rahmania Surya
source http://en.bisnis.com