Electronics Sales May Increase up to 25%

Selasa, 16 Oktober 2012 | 09:25

Electronic product sales in Indonesia may advance up to 25% compared to last year’s sales which amounted to IDR27 trillion as the demand increased.The increasing electronic demands in the country within the last four years have attracted foreign investors to make Indonesia its production base.

Director of Industrial Electronics and Telematics Ministry of Industry C.Triharso said Indonesia market this year is promising for the electronics industry to grow. It is based on the electronics demand which increased by 20% per year since 2008.

“I expect the electronic sales will be increased by 22% - 25% from previous year which amounted to IDR27 trillion,” he told Bisnis, Monday (10/15).

So far, he said, the national demand for electronics products grew approximately 22% compared January to October 2011 period. The strengthening domestic market has attracted foreign investors to base their production in Indonesia for the Asian regional market area.

"Not only Foxconn which interested to build factories here, but [almost] all [electronics manufacturers] are interested with Indonesia, mostly in Java and Batam," he said.

According to him, strengthening consumer spending also encouraged electronics companies which have factories in Indonesia to expand its production capacity. “Toshiba, Sharp, and LG are several well known electronics manufacturers which known to expand their business in the country.” (T07/TW)

by Agust Supriadi
source http://en.bisnis.com