SUGAR PRODUCTION target cut to 2,8 million tons

Rabu, 19 September 2012 | 11:35

No realization of new land addition for sugar plantation, sugar revitalization and construction of new plant is not running, the government cut its sugar production in 2013 from 4.9 million tons to 2.8 million tons.Director General of Plantation Ministry of Agriculture Gamal Nasri said during the preparation of initial sugar production roadmap, the government calculated the addition of sugar cane plantation area 350,000 hectares, the revitalization of sugar mill and construction of new plants.

Sugar production targeted in 2013 reaches 4.9 million tons, and in 2014 at 5.7 million tons.

Until now revitalization of sugar mill and the construction of sugar mill has not running, while there is two years left.

“Roadmap revision that sugar production in accordance with our abilities, so sugar self-supporting will be delayed if there’s no new land.” he said on Tuesday (9/18/2012).

The government also revised the sugar production target this year to 2.6 million tons from 4.4 million tons.

Sugar production target in 2014 previously 5.7 million tons derived to 3.1 million tons.

However, if there is a realization of new land, the revitalization of the sugar mills run smoothly and the construction of new plants realized, the sugar production will be bigger than 3.1 million tons. (t08/tw)

by Sepudin Zuhri, Elok Ani Riani