RUSSIAN COFFEE Demand Seen Slowing to 5% Global

Selasa, 18 September 2012 | 08:57

Russian coffee demand slowed in the past decade and now accounts for about 5% of the global market, according to the Moscow-based Rusteacoffee Association.World demand is estimated at 137.1 million bags for 2012, said Ramaz Chanturiya, head of the industry lobby group that includes Russian coffee and tea producers.

Russian consumption rose minimally in the past 10 years after 10%-15% growth in the 1990s, he said at the Third Moscow International Coffee Forum today (9/17/2012).

Instant coffee is poised to become a budget product in Russia in five to seven years as demand for that variety of the beverage weakens, Chanturiya said. Instant coffee accounted for 69 percent of total national consumption last year, down 3 percentage points from 2010, he said.

Global coffee demand is set to expand 2%-3% a year, led by Southeast Asia, and may reach 172.2 million bags by 2021, according to Rusteacoffee. World supply is seen at 131.6 million bags this year, Chanturiya said. Each bag weighs 60 kilograms. (Bloomberg/tw)

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