Indonesia`s fruit consumption below FAO`s standard

Senin, 17 September 2012 | 10:53

The agriculture ministry said Indonesia`s consumption of fruits and vegetable was still below the standard set by the world`s Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO). Business and Investment
Director at the Agriculture Ministry Jamil Musanif said Indonesia`s per capita consumption of fruits and vegetables average only 40 kilograms per year. The consumption was still below the FAO standard of 65.75 kg per capita a year, Jamil said here on Friday.

Therefore, in order to encourage greater consumption of fruits and vegetables, the agriculture ministry plans to hold what it calls "Horti" Ceria 2012 next month to promote horticulture agribusiness all over the country. Indonesia was rich with horticulture products including fruits, vegetables, flowers, and medicinal plants, he said.