Indonesia to approach US & Europe on CPO issue

Jumat, 14 September 2012 | 08:41

The government will be lobbying developed countries to pursue crude palm oil (CPO) in the category of nvironmentally friendly products in the near future.Minister of Industry M.S. Hidayat said the government will fight for the position of CPO in the country, especially against a trading strategy done by the United States and European countries, which hampered Indonesian CPO in the international market.

On 22 September, he said, the team will travel to the US government to bring agenda in order to solve the problem.

"We hope to have certainty when we visit the country. In Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation [APEC] meeting, our CPO was still assessed, and it was not published at the time. At least, this year, hopefully we put CPO in the list of environmentally friendly products, "he said, Wednesday (9/12/2012).

In the negotiation process of import duty on the list of 54 environmentally friendly product categories in APEC, the government filed CPO on the list.

Even before the Government of Indonesia and China has critically selected list of products that had reached 500 items. The list is an understanding between the APEC member countries to realize a green economy.

"It was also agreed by the head of state. It is important for us because CPO is one of Indonesia's main icon," he said.

He added that Indonesia could not resist the deal in cutting import duties on 54 products.(T03/msw)

by Muhammad Sarwani, Hadijah Alaydrus, Herdiyan