Trade Expo Indonesia aims to boost exports

Rabu, 12 September 2012 | 10:32

The Ministry of Trade to hold the 27th Trade Expo Indonesia on 17-21 October 2012 in Jakarta.The trade expo is an attempt to increase exports of Indonesia, especially for 10 main products, 10 superior product and three kinds of business service.
According to General Director of National Export Development Ministry of Trade Gusmardi Bustami, boosting export products is needed to offset the increasing imports, so that the trade deficit can be maintained.
Based on Statistics Indonesia (BPS) data in June 2012, Indonesia’s export reached US$15.4 billion.” The numbers are down 8.7% from the previous month and 16.4% from the same month last year,” he said to Bisnis, Friday (9/7/2012).

The same data showed Indonesia’s trade balance is deficit for a while to the countries major trading partners, such as China, Japan, Thailand, South Korea, Singapore, Taiwan and some countries in European Union

“But overall, Indonesia’s balance trade in first half of 2012 is surplus at US$2.32 billion,” he said.

The BPS data indicate an increase in Indonesian exports to countries that became new markets such as in Africa and South America countries.
Gusmardi explained until June 2012, balance trade to new export destination countries surplus US$7.54 billion.
“In accordance with the TEI 2012 purpose, the Ministry of Trade attempt to increase Indonesia export through transaction during or after the exhibition,” he said. (T08/aph)

by Rochmad Fitriana