Dahlan to continue his monorail project

Senin, 03 September 2012 | 10:21

State enterprises minister Dahlan Iskan said here on Thursday he would continue with Adhi Karya`s plan to build a 13-km long monorail network in Jakarta although governor Fauzi Bowo has said it is already outdated. "We are trying to convey what we have to convey," he said when met at his office here on Thursday in connection with the governor`s statement.

He said he would not make a problem out of the statement. "It is alright. It is up to him. What is clear is we are trying to do something," he said.

Dahlan said he has approved the plan and given PT Adhi Karya a permit for implementing the project if it is approved by the Jakarta administration.

Adhi Karya president director Kiswodarmawan has said the project needs an investment of up to Rp3.7 trillion which is expected to come from the company`s internal source (30 percent or Rp1.117 trillion) and bank credits (70 percent of Rp2.608 trillion).

He said Adhi would cooperate with PT Jasa Marga Tbk. and PT PLN. With regard to implementation of the project however the company still has yet to discuss with the Jakarta city administration.

"The business scheme later would be in the form of a consortium of a state-owned company, the Jakarta administration and state-owned banks," he said.

Kiswodarmawan said preparations for the construction of the network would take 2.5 years with a concession of around 30 years. The network is projected to be fully operational in 2015 while tickets will cost Rp9,500 per person or Rp9,000 if it would be subsidized by the government.

He said the monorail would have a capacity of carrying 77,500 persons per direction per day with an interval of four minutes per arrival.

Traffic congestion in the capital city has become more and more unbearable calling for an immediate solution.

source http://www.antaranews.com