Domestic Toy Manufacturers\' Sales to Reach US$450 Million

Kamis, 30 Agustus 2012 | 09:48

The Indonesian Toy Manufacturers Association (Asosiasi Pengusaha Mainan Indonesia/APMI) is optimistic the domestic toy industry sales can exceed US$450 million this year following the increasing export demand and declining China production.APMI Chairman Widjonarko Tjokroadisumarto said the toy manufacturer in Indonesia is now flooded with orders from abroad following the declining supply from China.

It happened because China manufacturers are facing financial problems and more expensive labor, while in Indonesia is relatively stable.

"Our export demand increased, even next year world's toy companies will come to Indonesia because they saw our pretty good resources potentials," he told Bisnis on Wednesday (08/29/2012).

Sudarman Wijaya, Vice President of Marketing APMI, sees the prospect of a national toy industry is quite good this year, although not as good as last year which recorded US$500 million sales.

This year, APMI targeted the sales from toy business for US$450 million at minimum, almost double compared with the average sales before 2011 which amounted to US$200 - US$250 million.

"This year we are targeting a minimum of US$450 million, it may be above it. It's difficult to grow since last year was the peak. But it's good if we can go equal to it," he said.

According to Sudarman, the decreased productivity in Chinese toy industry is a major factor that triggered the high toys products orders from the country.

Currently, the national toy industry is the second largest supplier in the world after China. Indonesia is leading in the toys made from wood and fabric, while China is in plastic and electronic toys.

"We have not been able to overtake China because of the technology has not ready," he said. (T07/aph)

by Agust Supriadi