Govt to set a standard certificate for Indonesian coffee

Selasa, 14 Agustus 2012 | 08:45

Ministry of Agriculture is currently in talk concerning coffee standardization plan that will allow Indonesia as the producer to set the standard rather than the buyer. Many of the standards are currently set by certain private companies, Acting Director General for Agricultural Product Processing and Marketing Banun Harpini said. Therefore, the ministry is now formulating a standard certificate for Indonesian coffee.

"Now many private standards are established by certain corporate after previously European countries set their own standard, so do we from ASEAN countries that produce coffee. The largest is in Germany. Therefore, we are now discussing our own certification standard similar to palm oil [RSPO]," he said last weekend.

He added Indonesia as a coffee producer should not be controlled by buyer since their standard is usually a private standard. "It would be fair if there is an international institution and only refers to such institution since the private standard is regulated by multi-national network."

According to him, the corporate standard is actually higher than the common standard used by the public. He expects coffee producing countries to unite. "We have to set the standard rather than the multi-national companies."

There will be a significant increase in price if using the certification. "It will use a standard price but we still don't know how much percentage of the increase since it's still being built." (T06/aph)

by Sepudin Zuhri, Arsyad Paripurna