Mass Rapid Transit’s underground construction to be signed in September

Kamis, 02 Agustus 2012 | 10:43

PT Mass Rapid Transit Jakarta said the signing of cooperation with contractor for MRT underground construction will be done in early September, faster than the signing ceremony for MRT flying construction ."Since the process of the underground segment is not too difficult and there is no land acquisition, we think that the ground segment is the most prepared segment. Thus, the contract will be signed first, "said Head of Communications of PT MRT Jakarta Manpalagupta Sitorus, in Jakarta, Wednesday (08/01/2012).

Phase I of MRT construction of Lebak Bulus- Bundaran HI is divided into three underground and three flying construction packages. The signing of the contract itself may be divided into two segments.

Three flying constructions starts from Lebak Bulus to Al-Azhar, Kebayoran Baru for as long as 7 km. While underground construction package starts from Al-Azhar Kebayoran to Bundaran HI with a distance of about 6.5 km.

The total stations that will be built are 13 stations, seven flying stations and six underground stations. Seven flying stations are Lebak Bulus, Fatmawati, Nawi, Cipete, Raya Haji, Blok-A, Blok M, Sisingamangaraja. While six underground stations are Istora Senayan, Bendungan Hilir, Setiabudi, Dukuh Atas and Bundaran HI. (T03/aph)

by Hadijah Alaydrus, Fathia Qanitat