Price triggers the decline of coal export

Rabu, 25 Juli 2012 | 09:14

Indonesian Coal Mining Association saw the price factor as the main problem that decreased Indonesian coal exports.Based on data from the Ministry of Trade, Indonesia coal exports fell by around 13% from 30.16 million tons in May 2012 to 26.2 million tons in June 2012.

Bob Kamandanu, Chairman of the Indonesian Coal Mining Association (APBI), said that price continues to fall making many coal mining companies stop their operations.

"But not our member, several companies are no longer operating, because the price is too low," he told Bisnis on Tuesday (07/24/2012).

Currently, Bob said, the price of coal is only about US$84-US$88 per ton. In fact, it compared to the price of coal in last six months which was above US$100 per ton. "It has been in the point of US$84 per ton, and the price continues to fall," he added later. Even so, Bob estimates in the fourth quarter there will be a rebound.

However, price will not be able to touch US$100 per ton. "Maybe around US$90 per ton," he said. According to Bob, the sales in China is also a bit problematic. As it is known, China is one of Indonesia coal export destinations other than India, South Korea, and Japan.

“Usually when they (China) buy it, they send ship, but they did not send. One of them is also because China has been over stock, "said Bob.(T03/aph)

by Riendy Astria, Hadijah Alaydrus