Gold price increases IDR4000

Jumat, 27 April 2012 | 14:25

Gold price on today’s trading increase IDR4000. Gold set at IDR545,500/gram, slightly increased from yesterday position. Buyback also increased IDR4000 to IDR485,000/gram, PT Aneka Tambang Tbk (Antam) said today, Friday, April 27.Today’s gold prices from Antam: 1 gram (IDR545,500), 2 gram (IDR1,051,000), 2.5 gram (IDR1,303,750), 3 gram (IDR1,556,500), 4 gram (IDR2,062,000), 5 gram (IDR2,578,000), 10 gram (IDR5,115,000), 25 gram (IDR12,712,000), 50 gram (IDR25,360,000), 100 gram (IDR50,670,000), and 250 gram (IDR126,575,000).

As for global market at 08:45 Jakarta time, Gold 100 Bloomberg index fell by US$3.6 per troy ounce (-11.57 cent a gram) to US$1,656.9 per troy (US$53.27 a gram).

HKMEx Gold Bloomberg Index in Hong Kong Metal Exchange at 08:42 local time fell by US$0.5 per troy ounce (-1.60 cent a gram) to US$1,657.2 per troy ounce (US$53.28 a gram). (t05)

By Sylviana Pravita R.K.N, Reviana Sury