Govt prepares 6 free trade agreements

Selasa, 20 Maret 2012 | 09:15

Indonesian Government set up discussions on six trade agreements to strengthen the competitiveness of domestic products in the export destination countries.According to Director General of National Export Development Gusmardi Bustami, those six free trade agreements (FTA) involve Turkey, Australia, India, European Union, Chile, and South Korea.

In the business forum, Chile entrepreneurs expect more extensive agreement compared to their cooperation with Malaysia and Singapore.

The entrepreneurs seemed enthusiastic as more than 200 entrepreneurs from all sectors such as fisheries, mining, and manufacturing, attended the forum.

Based on the feasibility, the trade agreement with Chile is aimed for formulating a comprehensive trade agreement or FTA but Chile requests extensive agreement, including services.

It’s because the free trade agreement between Chile and four ASEAN member countries only covers goods product. Those countries are Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei Darussalam and Vietnam.

Chile demands for tariff cuts on food products, particularly fish. It’s not a big problem for Indonesia as the current tariff for the commodity is only 5%.

Indonesian Seaweed Association insists the government to urge Chile to remove Certificate of Legal Origin (CoLO) as export requirement for such commodity. (T06/NOM)

By M. Rochmad Purboyo