The export slowdown to be watched

Rabu, 07 Maret 2012 | 09:33

Indonesia recorded a surplus of trade balance in January by US$923.4 million following export value to US$15.49 billion and import value to US$14.57 billion.However, Trade Ministry should keep watching the declining trend of export activity since October 2011.

Central Agency of Statistics’ data showed, export of Indonesia in January enhanced 6.02% from US$14.61 billion in January 2011. However, the figure slumped by 9.25% compared to export value by US$17.07 billion in December 2011.

Indonesia should keep watching the export growth that continues to weaken since October 2011 due to the economic bearish in US and Europe, revealed by Vice Minister of Trade Bayu Krisnamurthi.

The condition also gives negative sentiment for other competitors as China and South Korea. China recorded lower export in January 2012 by 0.5%, while export of South Korea weakened by 7.0%.

“The slump may create a domino effect against other countries through trading activities including Indonesia,” Bayu said.

In the meantime, import in January strengthened 16.02% to US$14.57 billion from US$12.56 billion in the same month of last year.

Head of Central Agency of Statistics Suryamin revealed Indonesia’s trade balance in January 2012 was still in deficit with Singapore by US$125.7 million and Thailand by US$350.6 million.

Indonesia's trade deficit with China widened in January to US$1.17 billion.

The agency recorded non-oil and gas export from Indonesia to China in the first month of this year to US$1.36 billion, while import of non-oil and gas to US$2.53 billion.

General Chairman of Indonesian National Importers Association (GINSI) Yayat Supriyatna said import of China in January was quite high. (t01/msw)

By Raydion, Agust Supriadi, Yudha Prawira