Indonesia to keep exporting CPO despite US embargo warn

Jumat, 02 Maret 2012 | 08:10

Ministry of Trade Affairs finalized arguments strengthening related to embargo threats of Environmental Protection Agency of United States of America that accused Indonesian Crude Palm Oil (CPO) was not environmentally healthy.

March 01, 2012 16:58

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Minister of Trade Affairs Gita Wirjawan said  that there is no other choice for Indonesia than keep on exporting CPO. The choice is a form of government's effort due to determined minimum limit was still able to meet. "We will still export to US, since we believe 20% threshold will be easily met," he added when opening Denpasar Grand Market, today.

Gita continued that nowadays Ministry of Trade Affairs is having a discussion with Ministry of Agriculture to formulate they way to deliver arguments and data. "It's still being discussed and the argument data will be informed immediately to the US."

As known before, US Government issued an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) notification regarding fuel standards from renewable resources, in the notification it was stated that bio-fuel coming from Indonesian CPO has yet met renewable standard.

In the notification, the standard of green house gas emission limit stipulated by EPA for bio-diesel and renewable diesel from CPO was 20% at minimum. Whereas EPA analysis result of Indonesian CPO exported to US market has still under standard, which only reached 17% for bi-diesel and 11% for renewable diesel.

By Ashari Purwo