Govt prohibits salmon fish import

Jumat, 10 Februari 2012 | 14:20

Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries will not recommend salmon fish import, although the industry of preservation through the combination of salting and boiling is having difficulty in the supply of raw materials. It’s because the stock of mackerel is still abundant, particularly in Eastern Indonesia.According to the Director General of Processing and Marketing of Fishery Products Victor Nikijuluw, the directorate general hasn’t provide license import for salmon fish since December 2011 until this moment, although such fish is allowed to be imported.

“The salmon fish is the substitution from mackerel fish needed by preservation industry. However, the stock of mackerel fish is still abundant in Eastern Indonesia so that we will not provide import license,” he said on the sideline of National Coordination Meeting in the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries.

Earlier, Indonesian Preserve Fish Association (APPikonDa) complained about the scarcity of preserve fish raw materials and the increase of raw materials price to IDR11,000 per kg from previously IDR7,000 per kg. (t06/msw)

By Sepudin Zuhri